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Sail For Epilepsy is excited to announce that the M Baldwin Family Fund has made a generous donation to support the organization’s programs. Phil Haydon, Ph.D., the President of Sail For Epilepsy said “It’s always exciting and gratifying early in an organization’s fund-raising to realize that our message is being heard by others who believe in our mission. This donation is so significant, having launched our program from a dream to reality.” When asked to comment the family said “we love the Inspire element of the program in which Sail For Epilepsy has the goal, through Phil’s sailing, to inspire others with epilepsy to take an ‘extra step’ and strive to do new things in their daily life.”  Through this donation, we are now able to begin executing the first phase of our program, allowing us to gain greater visibility and begin more outreach to the epilepsy community. And as always, 15% goes directly to our partner programs. We are so grateful for the confidence that the M. Baldwin Family Fund has placed in Sail For Epilepsy and look forward to working with them for many months and years to come.

Phil Haydon
[email protected]

More information can be found at https://www.sailforepilepsy.org/

Donations can be made at https://www.sailforepilepsy.org/support/donate/

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