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Left: Jasmine DeBraga. Middle: Phil Haydon. Right: Ihab Azab, President of St. George’s Rotary Club of Bermuda

On June 14th, Phil was invited to be the guest speaker at the St. George’s Rotary Club of Bermuda weekly meeting. Restrictions have been lifted to allow for in-person gatherings of up to 40 people, which allowed for all Club members as well as 22 members of the general public. The talk was also broadcast on Zoom.

This event was coordinated by Jasmine DeBraga. Her mum saw Sail For Epilepsy through social media and sent Jasmine the link. Jasmine has epilepsy and had not publicly disclosed it until she spoke at the meeting. She has set up a charity called “Living For Today” that will help raise awareness about epilepsy in her community as well a provide support. Currently there is no network/community of people with epilepsy in Bermuda. Jasmine is trying to provide this network as well as to promote alternative diets such as the ketogenic diet to treat epilepsy. Her announcement was enthusiastically received. 

After dinner, Phil talked about his journey with epilepsy and the mission of Sail For Epilepsy. He also wanted to educate the audience about epilepsy since this disorder is often hidden in Bermuda. With a better understanding of epilepsy, the stigma surrounding epilepsy can be reduced.  Phil received a positive response to his presentation and also learned that the medical support system in Bermuda is not ideal for people with epilepsy. There is only one neurologist people can go through and they have a 3 month waitlist.

Overall, this was a very successful event. The audience learned that 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy in their lifetime and that one third of them will not be medically controlled. We thank Jasmine for setting up this event for us and St. George’s Rotary Club for the invitation to speak.

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