The fog beginning to lift.

@ 15:15 GMT
Position: 42º 30.194′ N x 70º 50.809′ W
Course: At anchor
Speed: 0 kts

When we woke on Thursday morning, we were interested to see what the bay would like; having anchored in the dark and fog we only knew what the charts and depth sounder told us. We had the bay entirely to ourselves, thankfully few lobster pots, so soon after breakfast we set sail. Well, the fog came in so we motored. The density of the fog was pretty awful and at times we had to slow down considerably, particularly when we saw a target on AIS (Automatics Identification System) approaching. During the day a priority was to make a video about Hayden, a virtual shipmate. The fog lifted, as if knowing our goals, so I quickly shot the video, and then the fog closed in again. 

Though we motored considerably there were still occasional chances to sail. As we approached Marblehead, we had a window and did some sailing practice for Friday’s race. Sails were set, we practiced sailing upwind, tacking through the wind, raising and dousing a spinnaker, as well as gybing the spinnaker. These are all maneuvers we will need in the race and since Lauren and I have not raced together before we need to get our positions and responsibilities established. 

On our mooring in Marblehead Harbor.

We then motored into Marblehead harbor, where we were hosted for dinner at one of the yacht clubs with another sailor. We had a great view of the fog. At one moment just before sunset, the sun could be seen through the fog just adjacent to the stars and stripes flag. A memorable view.

We headed back to the boat and soon I was asleep and got a good 8 hours. This morning we are waiting for a diver to come by to clean the boat bottom: cleaning significantly increases the speed of the hull through the water. We will take everything that we can. This afternoon we will do a little more practice and then go to Boston Yacht Club for the skippers meeting, where I can meet some friends, and then the race will start at about 7:30pm. We will race to just outside Boston, then over to Provincetown. It looks like the winds are going to get light near the end of the race and we hope we can make it in time. We intend to post during the race and from the finish line. If you can’t sleep tonight follow our progress on the tracker!

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