Sail For Epilepsy is thrilled to be working with the Portuguese League Against Epilepsy (LPCE) for three of our port stop events while in Portugal. This private, non-profit association is a chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy and brings together professionals from a variety of scientific and medical backgrounds with the common goal of improving the health care provided to people with epilepsy in Portugal. To this end, the LPCE seeks to disseminate knowledge and resources on epilepsy, promote scientific research, and facility the exchange of knowledge and experience among its members, as well as its international partners.

These objectives align well with part of the mission of Sail For Epilepsy: to raise awareness about epilepsy and educated the general public. LPCE and Sail For Epilepsy will invite members of the local epilepsy community, medical professionals, scientists, and anyone who is interested in a sailing adventure to events in Porto, Lisbon, and another location in southern Portugal during the last two weeks of July. We will also have a two day event in Aveiro, hosted by three local organizations, with support from LPCE.

We’re really enjoying working with the LPCE to understand the challenges the local epilepsy community faces, as well as learning how the ILAE is working internationally to advance support and treatment for people with epilepsy. I am sure that the strong connections we have formed in Portugal will outlast the voyage and I look forward to continuing these international collaborations.

Phil Haydon, President of Sail For Epilepsy

These events will follow a similar format to events that Sail For Epilepsy held along the east coast of the United States in the summer of 2021. Afternoon events focusing on empowering family-friendly nautical activities for all ages and abilities will also provide an opportunity to meet Phil, learn about his journey with epilepsy, and strategies that he has used to overcome adversity. These occasions will foster new connections within the local epilepsy community for attendees.

Evening events during these port stops will give the general public a chance to hear about Phil’s perseverance to overcome a life-long disorder and his resulting career as an internationally recognized neuroscientist. He’ll also discuss the adventure of the sailing voyage across the Atlantic Ocean that will take place in May and June, prior to his arrival in Porto.

To close events, Phil challenges the participants to take the One More Step Challenge in a group  activity, a signature feature of the Sail For Epilepsy program. Attendees are encouraged to identify something that they can do to live a fuller life. Participation in the Challenge results in becoming a Virtual Shipmate. The first names of all Virtual Shipmates are added to the Sail For Epilepsy boat so Virtual Shipmates can sail the oceans of the world. Phil will feature select Virtual Shipmates in videos and connect live with Shipmates while offshore to learn about their epilepsy journey.

We look forward to meeting Phil Haydon and the Sail For Epilepsy Team, this summer in Portugal. We want this project to raise public awareness about Epilepsy and encourage People with Epilepsy to take a further step, toward living their fullest life possible, with all the safety measures. We are quite sure that participation in Sail For Epilepsy activities will inspire People with Epilepsy in their own personal voyages. And, if a journey of a thousand miles always starts with a single step, just take this step and get involved in the challenge!

Carla Bentes, President of LPCE

To learn more about these events, please visit https://epilepsia.pt/sail-for-epilepsy/ and follow on social media.

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