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@07:16 GMT

Position: 38° 47.227 N x 46° 49.491 W

Speed: 6.7 kts

Course: 85° True

Sailors always say that when there are two sail boats there is always a race. It’s true. We are 960nm from the Azores and haven’t seen a sailing vessel in several days. Much to our surprise, one just arrived on our chart plotter as an AIS signal. Lark, 60feet in length and 20 feet in width. We are on different tacks: we are on a starboard tack and they on a port tack. We will have to gybe soon and we are tuning the sails, ready to strut our stuff.  We are sure Lark is doing the same since their speed increased from 5.5kts to 7.5kts. Excitement is in the air. Binoculars are out and we are searching for a sail on the horizon.

SV Lark, indicated by the green boat icon south of our position, before we spoke to them on VHF

We will hail Lark on the VHF radio and have a pleasant conversation. Where are you heading, where are you from, and so on. But for now, time to get ready for the race (as well as the excuses in case we come second). More soon as we close on her.

We just had a radio conversation with Lark. A fun chat. They have not caught any fish either. Phew, important details taken care of. Rudy, all is forgiven. The skipper is from Mystic CT, was in the Bahamas over the winter, and remembered seeing Ingwe there. A small world. She is on her way to Horta and we compared notes on the voyage so far. Weather and route, in the past and for the next few days. Their estimated greatest distance in 24h is 240nm, but they still need to confirm. Of course, ours is 238nm. We have agreed to meet in Horta at Pete’s Cafe Sport. Subsequently, they will head on to Ireland, while we will head to Portugal. It seems they are sea dwellers to.

SV Lark

The crew was huddled around the VHF radio, listening to the conversation and asking questions. We wondered if the same scene was taking place onboard Lark. It was actually quite a thrill to chat to another skipper. I wonder what it will be like when we get to the Azores? Will it be a sensory overload, or great to be amongst other seafarers?

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