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Portuguese League Against Epilepsy (LPCE)
The Portuguese League Against Epilepsy (LPCE) is a private non-profit association of a technical and scientific nature, which brings together technicians from various fields, motivated to improve the health care provided to people with epilepsy in Portugal. LPCE seeks to disseminate knowledge and resources on epilepsy, promote scientific production and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences among its members, as well as with its international partners. It organizes the annual National Meeting of Epileptology, which aims to bring together and stimulate national scientific production in clinical and basic research, and also serves as a training platform and meeting place for clinicians, researchers, and technicians involved in this area. LPCE also seeks to play an active role in the definition of health policies that recognize the impact of epilepsy and provide access to dignified and qualified health care for people with epilepsy. It is also the LPCE’s mission to promote activities that raise awareness about epilepsy and educate the general public, such as educational activities in schools. The LPCE has 3 regional centers: North (in Oporto), Center (in Coimbra), and South and Islands (in Lisbon), which serve as information centers for epilepsy-related matters.
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There are currently no events.
There are currently no events.

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