To recognize the courage of our One More Step Challenge participants, we’ll add their first names to the hull of our boat so that these Virtual Shipmates can come along for our journey. When sailing, we will pick Virtual Shipmates to feature. By sharing their inspirational stories, we will raise awareness not only about epilepsy but about ways that people with epilepsy aren’t letting this disorder prevent them from living their fullest life possible.

Featured Virtual Shipmates will receive a Sail For Epilepsy flag that was flown on the day they were highlighted, with the noon position and their name written on the flag.

41.4901° N, x 71.3128° W

Carol, United States

Daniel, Australia

Margarida, Portugal

Shelley, California
41º 12’N x 71º 02’W 
Learn about Shelley’s efforts to educate herself about her epilepsy.

Ricardo, Matosinhos Portugal
38º 23’N  18º 38’W
My One More Step is to combat the prejudice towards the disease as much as possible.

Lee, Charlotte, North Carolina
38º 29′ N x 31º06′ W
My One More Step is riding a bike again.

Bleu, Middlesex, England
34º 37′ N x 53º 27′ W
My One More Step is to start swimming every week!

Sean, Yorkshire, England
32º 19′ N x 70º 09′ W
My One More Step is signing up, being accepted and taking part in the Clipper Round the world yacht race in 2023.

Sean, Ontario, Canada
26º 32′ N x 76º 57′ W
My One More Step is to switch over medication to improve my mental health while better controlling my seizures as they progress.

Matilda, Surrey, England
38º 49′ N x 74º 13′ W
I’m going to learn to sail a keelboat and become more open about my epilepsy with my friends.

Laura, Australia
43º 17′ N x 70º 15′ W
No matter how long it takes, I am going to work on completing my Masters, aiming for a PhD.

Jasmine, Bermuda
43° 12’N x 70° 14’W
Taking One More Step by starting a charity in Bermuda to bring those with epilepsy together to support each other and share their stories.

Hayden, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom
42° 28’N x 70° 48’W
In memoriam of Hayden, who passed away from SUDEP (sudden unexplained death from epilepsy) in October 2019.

Paul, New Jersey
41° 35.580N x 71° 17.490W
I’m taking One More Step by planning an event for people with epilepsy this summer.

Tyler, Midrand Gauteng, South Africa
33° 58’N x 66° 02’W
I’m taking One More Step by learning to play the drums.

Eddie, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
34° 44’N x 65° 33’W
I’m taking One More Step by walking 100km in June 2021.

Julia, New Jersey
40.7482N x 74.0083W
I am 11 years old. I have passed my sailing classes and I would like to do sailing for epilepsy because I enjoy sailing and I would like to be a surgeon one day and I would like to support the people who are going through this sickness.

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