Our Mission: To inspire people with epilepsy to take one more step towards achieving a fuller life.
Will you join our team and take One More Step with us?

When I was 15 I was heading home from the last day of school when a drunken teenager threw a house brick that hit me in the forehead. This caused a depressed compound fracture of the skull, which in turn triggered post-traumatic epilepsy. I was in and out of hospital and was eventually fitted with a vitallium plate to cover the hole in my skull and given medications to prevent seizures. I am one of the lucky ones: I have been fortunate to have my epilepsy pharmacologically controlled since 1976.

After my accident I initially struggled, however I gradually managed to apply myself, and am now the Chair of the Department of Neuroscience at Tufts University School of Medicine. I run an active laboratory researching a range of neurological disorders, including epilepsy.

Now, I want to give back to the community.
Phil Haydon

I want to help other people with epilepsy. Beginning in the spring of 2021, I am going to sail around the world to:

  • inspire epilepsy patients;
  • raise awareness for those with epilepsy;
  • raise funds to support research into the causes of intractable epilepsy,
  • and to educate the population about epilepsy.
I want you to follow my journey, navigating the oceans of the world.

I’ll be posting photos, videos, and blogs as I circumnavigate the globe. We’re planning multiple port stops during the voyage, to engage with local epilepsy patients, their families, and their caregivers. I hope that this will inspire you to ask yourself, is there something additional that I can do to live a fuller life?

Are you able to do something to improve your quality of life? Can you take one extra step to do something you haven’t done before, with the necessary guardrails in place?