Cepheus is a Roger Martin designed sailboat rigged for offshore sailing and successfully completed racing to Bermuda in 2014 and 2021. She is a Quest33S design built by Barret Holby of Holby Marine and owned by Phil Haydon. In addition to standard features she has water ballast to assist with control of the righting moment as the winds build.

Pictures of Designs from Roger Martin

When acquired at the end of 2018 she came with a simple sail package of jib and main sails plus asymmetric spinnakers. However, for offshore sailing, where any conditions may be found we have worked with Joe Cooper Sailing (Coop) to provide additional features that include a solent and inner forestay. These permit smaller sails to be attached in place of the jib to reduce sail surface area as the winds grow in strength. Additionally, Coop has rigged independent luff and leech reefing lines that allow rapid reefing of the mainsail (to reduce it’s surface area) without needing to the leave the cockpit – an added performance and safety feature. A video showing this system can be found here.

Cepheus is a delight to sail and in near shore races we have had several podium finishes in double-handed races (two crew) including 1st in the Ida Lewis race (2019), 2nd in the Sail for Hope (2020), 3rd in the Round the Island Race (2020), 3rd in the Beringer Bowl (2020), and 3rd in the Bermuda 1-2 (2021).

Over the winter of 2020/21 we added other features to her which included green energy production to keep batteries charged while sailing, as well as a satellite communication system to allow offshore communications to our community.


  • Jib
  • Main
  • Solent
  • Storm Jib
  • Light Air Jib
  • A2 Asymmetric spinnaker
  • A3 Asymmetric spinnaker

Engine: Yanmar 2GM20F diesel engine 2002

Mast: Carbon Fiber

Recent Updates:

  • Wheel to tiller change (2020)
  • 2x B&G Zeuss3 Multifunctional Displays (2020)
  • B&G Triton autopilot and NAC-3 computer (2020)
  • Thales VesseLINK with Iridium Certus satellite coverage for offshore communications (2021)
  • 4 SOLBIAN solar panels (OceanPlanet Energy, 2021)
Below Deck
Main cabin with benches / bunks and storage areas
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