Thank you for signing up for the One More Step Challenge. If you opted in to have your story shared online, our team will be adding your name to the Virtual Shipmates map soon.

What happens next?

Look for updates in the Ship’s Log and follow the journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Keep an eye on the boat tracker for position reports every hour while Phil is sailing.

We may also be in touch with you to set up a live video call from Phil when he’s offshore. Some Virtual Shipmates will have their epilepsy journey featured by Phil during an upcoming voyage.

We’d also LOVE to hear more about how your One More Step Challenge is going. Send us an email update at [email protected]

Join the Private Virtual Shipmates Facebook Group

If you already “Like” our Facebook Page when you take the One More Step Challenge, we’ll invite you to join our Private Virtual Shipmates Facebook Group. If you only “Follow” the Facebook Page, we can’t invite you directly, so we’ll send you an invite using the email you submitted on your One More Step Challenge form.

The Virtual Shipmates Facebook Group is a space for you to connect with other Virtual Shipmates, receive special updates from Sail For Epilepsy, and, if you’d like, share your One More Step Challenge progress. You’ll be able to post, upload photos or videos, and support each other as you pursue your One More Step. If you are interested in joining the group and haven’t received your invite, please send an email to [email protected].

Join the WhatsApp Broadcast List

Want to get text message updates from sea while Sail For Epilepsy is underway?

  1. Download WhatsApp to your mobile device
  2. Add Sail For Epilepsy as a contact, with phone number +1 (508) 816-5651
  3. Make sure you allow WhatsApp to access your contacts
  4. Opt in to the WhatsApp Broadcast list by filling out the form below. Text/message data rates may apply and are based on your mobile carrier plan

When Sail For Epilepsy is sailing, we’ll send out occasional updates to this list. Your involvement is private and confidential – messages are sent like a ‘bcc’ in an email, none of the other recipients will see your name. When Phil and his crew have time, they may be able to reply to you in the one-on-one chat, but often life is busy while sailing and they might not be able to.

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