In Port Program ($7,500)

As we sail the oceans of the world, we will stop at ports to meet our epilepsy community. At port stops we will host Meet and Inspire sessions (described beneath) as well as evening Social activities. Support the In Port Program in its entirety, including both the Social Activity and the Meet & Inspire Session described below, and you will be recognized at your port of choosing.

Social Activity ($5,000)

We will have a social activity consisting of snacks and refreshments at each port stop. At this event Phil will present a talk about his journey with epilepsy, including some videos of sailing, how he has faced adversity and how he has chosen to take one more step to live a fuller life. At this event we will also have the opportunity to host local dignitaries (e.g. clinicians, scientists, or advocates). There are several objectives for this session:

  • Interaction between like-minded people who are connected by epilepsy.
  • The ability to spread the One More Step Challenge message, a message of hope.
  • An opportunity to raise funds and showcase those working for the epilepsy community.
  • Expanding the audience of Sail For Epilepsy in preparation for sailing the oceans of the world.

Meet & Inspire Session ($2,500)

Dockside in each port we will organize educational and interactive activities for people with epilepsy, their families, their caregivers, and the community:

Large flag made from individual small flags during a virtual sailing camp, Summer 2020
  • See the boat and learn about it.
  • Meet Phil, and potentially other local dignitaries relevant to epilepsy.
  • We will also provide a kit of materials to permit attendees to participate in variety of activities:
    • Participants will be able to make a paper flag during the event, that they can take home. We will scan the individual flags to make real port specific Sail For Epilepsy flags to be flown from the boat while Phil is underway. We’ll share photos of these flags being flown at sea, on social media and on our website!
    • A signed Sail For Epilepsy flag with the latitude and longitude of the port location.
    • Short line with instructions for knot tying. We will also discuss the importance of knots in sailing and hold a knot tying session.
  • We will encourage people to sign up for the One More Step Challenge. By doing so they will be eligible to have their name added to the hull of the boat as we sail the oceans of the world. In this manner they become Virtual Shipmates.

Activity Session ($100)

Support one child’s participation in an in-port meet and inspire activity session.

Voyage Support Opportunties

Support One Month of Satellite communications ($1,000) »
Over the course of our four-year voyage satellite communications equipment and satellite data time will cost $1,000 per month. Support a month of satellite time and we will recognize you, or a member of the epilepsy community that you designate, on our website and social media during that time period.

Support the development and transmission of an offshore video ($100) »
While sailing we will be transmitting videos back to shore. The cost associated with each is significant as it involves Phil sending the video through specialized satellite systems and then videos being edited and produced back on shore. Support each video with a Video donation of $100. In return we will happily recognize your support on your sponsored video(s).

Support an ocean call ($25) »
Phil will call a member of the epilepsy community while at sea.

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