The red dot overlaid on the map below shows the last reported position of Phil and the Sail For Epilepsy crew and is updated every hour. Click the position or white track line for details about the course or speed. The colors/moving white lines on the map indicate wind direction and strength.

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Ship’s Logs

  • New Boat, New Name
    Our on-the-water season begins in early April when we launch the boat that we will sail in 2023 and start to ready her for sailing. […]
  • One More Step: 207 Nautical Miles to Go
    For many years I have been plotting my One More Step Challenge, to sail the oceans of the world. I am 207nm from Porto, the […]
  • Epilepsy Stigma: Ignorance, Prejudice, Discrimination
    In my life with epilepsy it has been rare that I have experienced discrimination about my disease. I suffered my head accident which caused my […]
  • Challenges of being a Captain
    Much of my offshore sailing experience has been short-handed, that is, sailing solo or with one other crew member. My other boat, Cepheus, is a […]
  • The First 24h to Porto
    We disembarked from Ponta Delgada at 10am local time with a destination of Porto, Portugal. We had known for several days that the forecast for […]
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