The Sail For Epilepsy voyage is one that will circle the globe. But it is also a mental/emotional passage – for those onboard and for those who will join us virtually. We are all on a journey, whether it be between port stops or life’s challenges. Below you’ll find updates from Phil and the rest of the Sail For Epilepsy team on a wide range of topics, with the common theme of inspiring those with epilepsy to live fuller lives.

Updates from Boat

  • One More Step: 207 Nautical Miles to Go
    For many years I have been plotting my One More Step Challenge, to sail the oceans of the world. I am 207nm from Porto, the […]
  • Epilepsy Stigma: Ignorance, Prejudice, Discrimination
    In my life with epilepsy it has been rare that I have experienced discrimination about my disease. I suffered my head accident which caused my […]
  • Challenges of being a Captain
    Much of my offshore sailing experience has been short-handed, that is, sailing solo or with one other crew member. My other boat, Cepheus, is a […]
  • The First 24h to Porto
    We disembarked from Ponta Delgada at 10am local time with a destination of Porto, Portugal. We had known for several days that the forecast for […]

Living with Epilepsy

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