The Sail For Epilepsy voyage is one that will circle the globe. But it is also a mental/emotional passage – for those onboard and for those who will join us virtually. We are all on a journey, whether it be between port stops or life’s challenges. Below you’ll find updates from Phil and the rest of the Sail For Epilepsy team on a wide range of topics, with the common theme of inspiring those with epilepsy to live fuller lives.

Updates from Boat

  • Sleep While Sailing Solo Offshore – A Brain-Based Guide to Napping
    In my laboratory one of the areas of study is the control of sleep, as a consequence, I have integrated my scientific knowledge with sources of information provided by others to develop my own “checklist” to follow when I race offshore.
  • Nearing the Finish Line
    It’s 9:30 pm and it’s the third evening of the sail to the Bahamas. I am on watch until midnight. We are using a 3 hours on and 6 hours off watch schedule since there are 3 seasoned sailors on board, Francis, Mike and myself.
  • Halfway There
    After 48 hours, we have sailed 335 nautical miles and reached a major milestone: over halfway to our goal, with only 329 nautical miles to go.
  • Preparation
    It is 9pm the evening before disembarking for the Bahamas. I will have two experienced sailors on board for this delivery.

Living with Epilepsy

  • Welcome Aboard, Virtual Shipmates!
    This spring, we invited people with epilepsy to join our crew as Virtual Shipmates by participating in our One More Step Challenge. We asked, “Are […]
  • Richie Shane
    Richie Shane started having seizures soon after he finished college. After over 3000 seizures and unsuccessfully trying to control them through medication, he underwent 2 […]

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