The Sail For Epilepsy voyage is one that will circle the globe. But it is also a mental/emotional passage – for those onboard and for those who will join us virtually. We are all on a journey, whether it be between port stops or life’s challenges. Below you’ll find updates from Phil and the rest of the Sail For Epilepsy team on a wide range of topics, with the common theme of inspiring those with epilepsy to live fuller lives.

Updates from Boat

  • Boston, MA Port Stop
    Saturday evening was the third port stop event in this summer’s East Coast Expedition. Our final event with Epilepsy Foundation New England was certainly the most well attended, with over 100 people joining us for a sunset cruise in Boston Harbor aboard the Mass Bay Lines Music City Queen.
  • Sailing Schedule Update
    During the sail from Boston, MA to Portsmouth, RI on Monday, Phil aggravated an old back injury. We were hoping a day off would allow this flare up to subside, but he will need more rest before it is safe for him to sail offshore again.
  • Setting a Record
    Yesterday began before sunrise with a quiet walk down the marina dock to where Cepheus waited for us. Looking at the weather ahead, I wanted to get an early start towards a variety of options where we could tuck in for the night, if we wanted to.
  • Single vs. Double-handed Sailing
    As I went to Portland, I was on my own (solo), but coming from Portland to Boston I was sailing with Ilya (double-handed). Is solo better than double-handed sailing or the other way around? Neither is better.

Living with Epilepsy

  • Welcome Aboard, Virtual Shipmates!
    This spring, we invited people with epilepsy to join our crew as Virtual Shipmates by participating in our One More Step Challenge. We asked, “Are […]
  • Richie Shane
    Richie Shane started having seizures soon after he finished college. After over 3000 seizures and unsuccessfully trying to control them through medication, he underwent 2 […]

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