Last week, on a sunny Thursday, Phil joined Epilepsy Foundation New England at their annual sailing camp in Newport, Rhode Island. This camp is held with Sail to Prevail, a nonprofit that improves the lives of more than 1,000 children and adults, each summer, through sailing in their fleet of specially adapted, 20-foot sailboats. Their programs encourage individuals with disabilities to be active participants in the sailing experience. 

Phil introduced himself to the camp participants and spoke a little bit about his journey with epilepsy. They then launched into nautical activities, learning to tie knots that he uses while sailing and about ways signal flags are used to communicate at sea. Campers also made their own flags that we’ll make into another port stop flag, to be flown from the boat on future voyages. Everyone was then invited to participate in the One More Step Challenge and become Virtual Shipmates. Some challenges included learning to sail, promoting seizure safe schools, and enjoying life to the fullest! We were pleased to welcome 8 new virtual crew members.

After lunch, the campers divided into boats and cast off, to enjoy an afternoon of sailing. Phil greatly enjoyed watching this courageous group of individuals who didn’t let their disorder prevent them from experiencing the joy of being on the ocean.

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