When Sail For Epilepsy makes port stops, we look forward to connecting with the local community. We offer an assortment of events that will appeal to a range of ages, abilities, and interests. We seek local hosts that will help us organize these events, with the goals of inspiring people with epilepsy, raising awareness, and educating the public. We donate our time and any necessary activity materials for these events and do not charge hosts for our appearance. Please contact us at [email protected] or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to learn more about these opportunities.

Let us know if you or an organization you are affiliated with is interested in hosting Sail For Epilepsy during an upcoming port stop.

Sail For Epilepsy 2022 Tentative Voyage Route:
United States » Azores » Portugal » Spain » Morocco » Canary Islands » Cape Verde » Caribbean

Nautical Activities

Phil and the Sail For Epilepsy team offer an empowering family-friend afternoon of nautical activities and community connections. Possible lessons include learning how to tie some knots, how to find the north star and predict sunset, and helping to make a flag that will be flown on future Sail For Epilepsy voyages. Phil will give a brief presentation about his journey with epilepsy and invite attendees to become a Virtual Shipmate by taking the One More Step Challenge. This is a great opportunity for participants to meet other people in the community who are affected by epilepsy.

» Download Nautical Activities PDF (739kb)

Portland, Maine: Learning to tie knots

Awareness & Education Presentation for Adults

More people live with epilepsy than with autism spectrum disorders, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy – combined. Yet, this disorder is not widely understood by the general public. In speaking to local community members, Sail For Epilepsy seeks to raise awareness about epilepsy and provide insight on causes, treatments, and current research, from a personal and scientific perspective. The audience will leave armed with some basic facts about epilepsy as well as how to help someone who is having a seizure.

» Download Awareness for Adults PDF (542kb)

Phil speaking about his journey with epilepsy.

Awareness & Education Presentation for Children

The stigma associated with epilepsy is partially due to a lack of understanding of the disorder. By teaching children basic facts about epilepsy, Sail For Epilepsy will start a foundation of knowledge that will lead to more compassion and empathy. Phil also seeks to inspire young people with epilepsy by sharing his personal journey and a positive message of focusing on what you can do despite epilepsy, rather than focusing on the limitations. This presentation can be tailored for the age group and a nautical activity can be included. Ideal venues include schools, sailing clubs, and civic groups.

» Download Awareness for Children PDF (723kb)

Learning about epilepsy

Technical Seminar for Adults

Phil Haydon is an internationally recognized neuroscientist and runs an active laboratory researching a multitude of neurological disorders, including epilepsy. Thirty years of studying the brain allows Phil to describe, in layperson terms, how the brain is supposed to work, some of the known causes of disorders such as epilepsy, why some of the current treatments are effective, and areas of research seeking the next pharmaceuticals for people who do not currently have medical control of their seizures. This presentation is appropriate for adults who seek a deeper scientific understanding of epilepsy, its causes, and the future of treatment.

» Download Technical Seminar PDF (343kb)

What causes epilepsy and how is it treated?

Evening Reception

Bringing together key local community members for an evening of networking and cultivation can be supplemented by a brief presentation about Phil’s journey with epilepsy, the Sail For Epilepsy mission, some inspirational stories of our Virtual Shipmates, and ways that the community can support those effected by epilepsy. This event would primarily be for the benefit of the local host organization and can be customized to best fit the intended audience and needs of the host.

» Download Evening Reception PDF (209kb)

Evening reception in Philadelphia, PA

Sleep While Sailing Solo Offshore – A Brain-Based Guide to Napping

In addition to being a solo offshore sailor, Phil Haydon is an internationally recognized neuroscientist whose research focuses on the regulation of sleep. In 2009 he discovered the mechanism that causes the brain to desire to sleep after a period of sustained wakefulness. He will give information about the brain that provides the foundation for napping strategies while sailing and will discuss polyphasic sleep (several short periods of sleep per day) and answer questions including – is caffeine good or bad? are there long-term consequences of polyphasic sleep?

» Download Sleep While Sailing Solo PDF (698kb)

Phil sleep training aboard Cepheus
Contact us at [email protected] or fill out the form below to learn more about these opportunities.
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