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Join our crew as a Virtual Shipmate by participating in our One More Step Challenge! To recognize your courage, we’ll add your first name to our boat so that you can come along for this exciting voyage. Click the button below sign up and we’ll add your story (and photo, if you send us one) to the map above after we review your submission.

Can you take one extra step to do something you haven’t done before, with the necessary safety measures in place?

Not only will your name be added to the boat, but several times during our 2022 voyages, we will pick one Virtual Shipmate to feature. By sharing your inspirational stories, we will raise awareness not only about epilepsy but about ways that people with epilepsy aren’t letting this disorder prevent them from living their fullest life possible. Featured Virtual Shipmates will receive a Sail For Epilepsy flag that was flown on the day they were highlighted, with the noon position and their name written on the flag.

I’m taking One More Step by…

Virtual ShipmateNameOne More StepTopic

Never giving up and always keep learning. Continue to help others in extraordinary ways.​​ Childhood epilepsy did not define me ~ it inspired me. I hiked, went whitewater rafting, volunteered, made bread, created memorable community events, gardened, skated, danced & had fun! Nearly 50 years later, I continue to create, inspire & explore.
Hampton, NH (United States)


Start lean to sail in this year.



1 more step to the infinite. The will to reach my goal which is to drive and stop being anxious. Manage to contain the sensation of heat rising up my body and absorb my emotion as I reach the relief of tension. I need to divert my thoughts when I feel like I’m going to have an episode of epilepsy.

Porto, Portugal


Professional success in the work that I always aspired to have.

Porto, Portugal


Walk to Santiago de Compostela.

Porto, Portugal


Swim at the beach.

Porto, Portugal


Live life.

Porto, Portugal


Ride in a big boat.

Porto, Portugal


Accept epilepsy to better deal with it.

Vila do Conde, Portugal


Practice more exercise.

Porto, Portugal


Swim in the ocean.

Porto, Portugal


I would like to work and be able to do training in the area of ​​electricity.

Porto, Portugal


Study more.

Porto, Portugal


Teach people about epilepsy.

Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal


It was to have more knowledge regarding my illness and spread the word. Because epilepsy is not a monster, we can have some capabilities and accomplish important things.

Porto, Portugal


I would like to be self-employed.

Porto, Portugal


Participate in Sail For Epilepsy.

Guimarães, Portugal


If I can stay a year without seizures, I’ll get my driver’s license and I’ll do something that is my childhood dream, skydiving jump.

Porto, Portugal


Personal and growth development.

Porto, Portugal


Join as a volunteer in the Portuguese League Against Epilepsy (LPCE).

Lisbon, Portugal


Helping inform others here on the island of Pico, Azores.

Pico, Azores (Portugal)



Portimão, Portugal


Going for (at least) a 30 minute walk every day.

Plano, Texas (United States)


Never letting my epilepsy from stopping me from what I love to do.

Parma, Ohio (United States)


Publish a comic book.

Falmouth, ME


Serving on the Epilepsy Foundation DC advisory board as well as facilitate epilepsy support group meetings.

Columbia, MD


I will continue to educate and raise awareness.

Philadelphia, PA


Continuing to support families and find creative ways to help.

Annapolis, MD


I would like my child to not have a nurse follow her around when she goes to middle school next year.


Family and friends to be more patient with me.


Supporting my brother through his epilepsy.

Barrington, RI


Hike the Appalachian Trail.

Gorham, ME


Supporting our grandson’s effort to overcome his issues with epilepsy.


Teaching my classmates and friends about epilepsy.

Pittsfield, MA


Keeping my room clean.

Billerica, MA (United States)


Living every day to the fullest to the best of my ability with my family and friends. Every day Aria has approximately 5 to 10 seizures daily with her syndrome (Aicardi). She is 1 in 4000 and a ray of sunshine to all who meets her. She is a blessing to all of us!

Croydon, IN (United States)


Continuing to show that despite having epilepsy you can have a successful career and a good life. I will as an entrepreneur continue to work to create resources for people with epilepsy, with the goal of helping them improve their quality of life. I will continue to work on myself by expanding my education and live my life to the fullest. Epilepsy will not stop me, I will defeat epilepsy.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA (United States)


We are the Scroggs Family, and we would like the opportunity to have our beautiful princess Cella remembered by adding her name on this journey. She gained her Angel wings in October 2020 due to complications of Aicardi syndrome. Thank you.

Clayton, GA (United States)


Trying to walk on my own. I have a severe form of epilepsy caused by my DeNovo mutation on my SCN8A gene.

Hope Valley, RI (United States)


Continuing to blog more openly about my epilepsy paired with the necessity of building and maintaining solid health and well-being habits to other women with epilepsy.

Grand Rapids, MI (United States)


Success in the fight against epilepsy.

Plymouth, Devon (United Kingdom)


Raising money for Epilepsy Foundation of South Florida.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (United States)


Learning to operate a motor racing simulator.

Gloucestershire (United Kingdom)


Leading a healthy lifestyle with diet, exercise, and respect for myself with what I accomplish daily.

Coral Springs, FL (United States)


Volunteering at Brainy Camp, an overnight camp for kids with epilepsy. I’ve not been away from my husband for more than six days since diagnosis so 10 days will be a bit stressful, despite neuro docs & nurses on staff. I want to show kids that a 57 y/o woman w/ epilepsy can do ropes courses, sports, etc—while providing parents some respite.

Silver Spring, MD (United States)

Billie Jo

Continuing to focus on my emotional, spiritual, mental & physical health and improving myself in well many ways and remaining seizure free. I am taking classes again to up-skill and try to help with the memories that seem to evade me or seem lost at times. Continuing on and not giving up on life.

Inyokern, CA (United States)


Never letting my epilepsy define me. I’ve gone 6 months seizure-free. Only the 2nd time in 22 years I have gone so long without one. I will continue to share Seizure 1st aide with those around me and to break the stigma of what epilepsy looks or doesn’t look like!

North Charleston, SC (United States)


Navegar sem limites.

Paranagua, PR (Brazil)


Sail the oceans of the world, to inspire people with epilepsy, raise awareness, and educate the general public.

Boston, MA (United States)


Keeping Zsatara’s memory not just alive….but thrive.

Milton, MA (United States)


West will try to eat and work on her vocalizing.

North Windham, CT (United States)


Learning to play the drums.

Midrand, Gauteng (South Africa)


Making awareness and control of epilepsy.

Sudbury, Suffolk (United Kingdom)


I’m going to take One More Step by always helping others, and spreading the importance of Epilepsy support.

Southbury, CT (United States)


Continuing to raise awareness in our community by starting with my school, so the coaches know what to do if I have a seizure, as well as my teachers knowing how to respond without the assistance of my brothers.

Clarksville, TX (United States)


Switch over medication to improve my mental health while better controlling my seizures as they progress.

Bruce Mines, Ontario (Canada)


I have recently signed up and been accepted in the Clipper Round the World yacht race taking part in 2023. It was tough getting through the medical but I had the support of my doctor. I have never sailed before so have a lot to learn and they do provided excellent training. I will be raising sponsorship money for an Epilepsy charity hopefully a local one to me who supports people to enjoy life to the full despite the challenges of the illness.

Yorkshire (United Kingdom)


I’m a psychotherapist in Washington, DC. I grew up in Plymouth, MA and am a lifelong sailor & equestrian. After years of controlled seizures, I had one in Oct 2021, right after resuming jumping lessons for the first time in almost 20 years. With the help of a nicer helmet, a kind trainer, some intuitive horses, a fabulous Neuro, & my wonderful cousin, Lilly, I’m back in the saddle & looking forward to our first show!

Washington, DC (United States)


By being brave and courageous , I have epilepsy and am battling stage 4 cancer.. I would be honored to represent the strength of others who have had epilepsy in their lives.

Bartow, FL (United States)


Entro com o objetivo de combater ao máximo este preconceito para com a doença e convida-lo a vir visitar o meu Salão de Cabeleireiro que em breve vou inaugurar na cidade do Porto.

Matosinhos (Portugal)


Creating an event for children with epilepsy this summer.

Maple Shade, NJ (United States)


My seizures come in many forms and for 3 years my tonic clonics took away a lot from me life as they happened frequently. By some miracle it’s been 15 weeks since my last tonic clonic and finally have hope I can do more things I miss and love. My One More Step is I’m going to start roller blading again (with safety gear on). Hopefully if I continue to not experience tonic clonics, I can finally go snow boarding again as well. I’m just looking forward to being or active in general.

Fall River, MA (United States)


Walking with grandma and the dogs. I have a wheelchair I use if I walk too far because of my spina bifida, but I will try my best to at least walk 5 minutes everyday.

Beaverton, OR (United States)


Keep smiling.

Devon (United Kingdom)


Matilda (age10) made the decision herself to take on any new challenge. She has already climbed an over hang, learnt to paddle board and hiked. Her biggest challenge is admitting her Epilepsy to her friends. She will learn to sail a keel boat, but at the same time will have to admit her Epilepsy.

Epsom, Surrey (United Kingdom)


Continuing to raise awareness about Epilepsy in school, my community and social media. I will also continue to show my peers and myself that Epilepsy doesn’t define me nor will it stop me from living my life on my terms.

Marietta, GA (United States)


I’m going to start taking my dogs to the park on as many days as the weather allows. There are registered support animals.

Cincinnati, OH (United States)


Enlisting my 19 year old daughter Lyndsey as a Virtual Shipmate!! She is my hero and inspiration to do more, to educate everyone about Epilepsy, especially Seizure First Aid. She changed the status quo in KY as the first state to pass Seizure Safe School legislation, The Lyndsey Crunk Act. Her willingness to share her story inspires so many. Although she’s seizure free now for over 5.5 years, (with medication) she battles the remnants of epilepsy every day. She is my Hero!!!

Georgetown, KY (United States)


Try to ride a bike, again. When I switched to an adult bike I had grown 12 inches. I’m very afraid of falling now. I will probably get a new bike that I can sit up straight on.


I wear purple for awareness for epilepsy. It’s small but I believe every little thing matters. I have had epilepsy for 40 years.

Westfield, MA (United States)


I am going to continue to overcome and not let epilepsy bring me down. Never give up!

Scotia, NY (United States)


I am 11 years old. I would like to be a trauma surgeon one day and I would like to support the people who are going through this sickness.

Garfield, NJ (United States)


I am going to do NIA a Body Mind Soul non impact aerobics.

Port Jefferson, NY (United States)


Starting a charity in Bermuda to bring those with epilepsy together to support each other and share their stories.



Trying to get out in nature more often such as riding horses or taking a walk when I can’t get out to the barn.

Yorktown, VA (United States)


Living my life and not letting my epilepsy upset me!! I had a grand mal seizure in my sleep over 23 years ago that was later diagnosed as Epilepsy. I had to leave my job in sales. I have been home for over 12 years. I have not driven since then after having a seizure at the wheel with my children and nephew in the car, I was approved for disability and take my meds daily, meet with neurologist, have all my MRI and any other appts but never let myself worry “will a seizure happen today”. With every seizure I have the more I forget and always ask the same questions over and over…but it’s OK!

Haverhill, MA (United States)


Walking 100 mile for Epilepsy Society Charity. To raise money.

Leeds (United Kingdom)


Continue running 5k 5x/week to overcome Epilepsy and recover from a broken hip.

Hampton, NH (United States)


My son Hayden died of SUDEP, aged 20. He had to leave his college course due to his seizures disrupting class. He used his free time to visit elderly care homes with his dog as a pets as therapy dog. He spent a lot of time with his little sister who was only three when he died. He was an amazing son, who’s ashes are scattered at sea so that he can travel like he always wanted to do.

Ammanford, Carmarthenshire (United Kingdom)


Never giving up.

Danbury, CT (United States)


I am Grant and I have intractable epilepsy. I don’t let it define me nor anyone else.

Nashville, TN (United States)


Learning more about ADHD and helping my son conquer it.

Milton, MA (United States)


I would like to remember and honor my 20 year old grandson Erick who died from SUDEP on Jan 24, 2015.

Schwenksville, PA (United States)


Walk 100km in June 2021.

NE Lincolnshire (United Kingdom)


Exercising more. I started taking skiing lessons. I always wear my helmet. Everyday I make sure to do some type of exercise. If the weather is bad I ride my indoor bike.

Revere, MA (United States)


Ensuring my daughter lives her life to her greatest potential.

Bridgewater, MA (United States)


Living daily by my personal motto: “While I can’t control what happens to me in life, I CAN control how I respond”. I will use creative arts to turn obstacles into new successes.

Portsmouth, NH (United States)


Going to college and writing my second book about my life.

Somerset, MA (United States)


My 6 year old son Bleu is going to start swimming every week! He has a brain tumor, CP, Hydrocephalus, ASD, a visual impairment and Epilepsy. He’s our inspiration.

Middlesex (United Kingdom)


After being seizure free for a year and a half I am pursuing a degree in UX Design so that I can contribute to designing better technologies to help people living with Epilepsy have a better quality of life.

New Bedford, MA (United States)


Continuing to show up every day as a brave 6-year-old who deals with the fears of doctors appts, needles, and epilepsy related issues.

Milford, CT (United States)


I am going to spread awareness about epilepsy at school.

Glen Burnie, MD (United States)

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