Will you take One More Step with us?

To inspire people with epilepsy to take One More Step towards achieving a fuller life.

Philip Haydon is an internationally recognized neuroscientist with medically controlled post-traumatic epilepsy. Phil has started the non-profit organization Sail For Epilepsy with a mission to inspire people with epilepsy to take One More Step towards achieving a fuller life, with the necessary safety measures in place. He plans to navigate the oceans of the world to:

  • inspire people with epilepsy
  • raise funds to support research for a cure
  • promote awareness of epilepsy and educate the public
The Voyage
Phil Haydon, Ph.D.

This voyage is about more than sailing the oceans of the world. Sail For Epilepsy will post photos, videos, and blogs as well as connect live with our audience. During port stops, Phil and his small crew will engage with the local epilepsy community to share his story and hear about ways others are living a fuller life, despite epilepsy.

When he casts off, Phil will be sailing for more than himself: he is sailing for anyone else with epilepsy, their families, their caregivers, and anyone who has decided to take an extra step to live a fuller life. He also sails for those who have been lost as a result of epilepsy, to honor their memory and to raise funds for research, so that a future generation of people with epilepsy will have better seizure control.  

We hope that Phil’s story will inspire you to join our One More Step Challenge and embark on your own personal voyage. The One More Step Challenge encourages people with epilepsy, their families, and their caregivers to share ways that they are challenging themselves to live fuller lives. 

Virtual Shipmates
Sail training on Cepheus.

To recognize the courage of the One More Step Challenge participants, we’ll add their first names to the hull of our boat so that these Virtual Shipmates can come along for this exciting voyage. Several times a week during this summer’s East Coast Expedition and our upcoming voyages, we will pick one Virtual Shipmate to feature. By sharing these inspirational stories, we will raise awareness not only about epilepsy but about ways that people with epilepsy aren’t letting this disorder prevent them from living their fullest life possible. Featured Virtual Shipmates will receive a Sail For Epilepsy flag that was flown on the day they were highlighted, with the noon position and their name written on the flag.

Ways to Give

There are many ways that you can support the epilepsy community by giving to Sail For Epilepsy. A proportion of all funds donated will immediately flow through to our partners. The balance will support the Sail For Epilepsy mission to inspire, educate, raise awareness, and support research. Visit our Ways to Give section to learn more about how you can support Sail For Epilepsy.

The One More Step Challenge: Are you able to take one extra step to do something you haven’t done before, with the necessary safety measures in place?

Celebrate our global community of Virtual Shipmates who joined the One More Step Challenges on a personal voyage towards living a fuller life.

The Sail For Epilepsy voyage, skippered by a person with epilepsy, will cross the world’s oceans. View the latest updates, photos, and videos sent in from the boat.

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