Virtual Shipmate Dan Scott

Virtual Shipmate Dan Scott joined Phil this past summer in Portugal to help out with some of our events as well as sail from Porto to Lisbon. Dan has medically controlled epilepsy and his One More Step was to be able to sail more confidently in the Bristol Channel. Watch part of their conversation as Dan describes ways he overcame his fears.

“The confidence knock that the diagnosis [of epilepsy] gave me – prior to this I was lifeboat crew and very confident on the water. So, to take that one more step, to get back out on the water, after my initial feelings that I won’t ever be able to. Really that kind of one more step mentality has then enabled me to push on to other things. To swim more. To put those guardrails in place. And to realize that you can’t mitigate every single risk. All you can do is mitigate it as much as humanly possible…and don’t let that risk paralyze you.”

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