UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company with more than 20 years of experience in epilepsy.  Putting patients at the heart of everything they do, UCB is focused on delivering impactful solutions that inspire to give those with epilepsy a better patient journey. 

“Sail for Epilepsy’s journey across the globe and its potential worldwide impact created interest to us at UCB.  We saw this adventure as an opportunity to communicate, educate and energize epilepsy families across the world.  We look forward to working with Sail For Epilepsy and its other partnering organizations to maximize the shared epilepsy voice and message of inspiration and education.”

Rene Pierre Pinard, UCB New England Ecosystem Lead

Sail For Epilepsy is seeking additional corporate sponsors to support the Sail For Epilepsy program. Initially, a portion of all funds will immediately flow through to our partners. Funds from sponsors will be used for a variety of goals. Initially funds will be used to invest in the equipment necessary for the offshore sailing program, as well as for satellite communications while sailing the oceans. We will constantly communicate with our followers with epilepsy and/or with interests in epilepsy. At the end of the program, all assets will be sold and the resulting funds will be donated to our two partners.

In return for generous support the Sail For Epilepsy program will provide opportunities for corporate advertising: on our website, in our emails, on the sails of the boat, as well as in our videos. Additionally, Phil is happy to provide seminars discussing epilepsy and the sailing adventure.

For details of opportunities, please reach out to info@sailforepilepsy.org.