Do you know what to do if you encounter someone who is having a seizure? For most people, the answer is “No”. So here’s a simple list of do’s and don’ts.

  1. When someone is having a tonic-clonic seizure there is little you can or should do.
  2. Don’t try to hold someone down when they’re having a seizure.
  3. Don’t (and I mean NEVER) try to put anything in the mouth of someone having a seizure. (Some think you should put an object like a ruler in the mouth to stop the person having a seizure from biting their tongue, but it’s more likely that you’ll get bitten or they’ll bite a piece off the object and choke on it.)
  4. Do move objects and/or furniture away from the person having a seizure so that they don’t injure themselves.
  5. Do time the seizure and call for emergency help if the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes, if there are repeated seizures, or if the person is injured or has difficulty breathing.
  6. Do make the individual comfortable when the seizure stops.
  7. Do consider turning the person on their side after the seizure during the period of recovery.
  8. Do expect to find that the person who has had the seizure will be confused and tired afterwards.


Knowing how to help someone during a seizure can make a difference and save a life.

We’ve created a PDF describing seizure first aid in multiple languages and sizes for your convenience. Please view the list below to find the language of your choice. Help us educate about seizure first aid by hanging up a poster, handing out a flyer, or sharing on social media.

English: Half Page FlyerPoster

French: Half Page FlyerPoster

Spanish: Half Page FlyerPoster

Portuguese: Half Page FlyerPoster

Arabic: Half Page FlyerPoster

Seizure First Aid Ready

Access a 30 minute online training from anywhere, anytime. Seizure First Aid Ready educates the public on the Epilepsy Foundation’s basic procedures for responding to someone having a seizure.

Share What You Learn

After you’ve taken the training, consider sharing what you learned with your friends, family, yacht club, sports team, workplace, or a civic / community organization.

We’ve put together presentations in multiple languages that you can download to help you teach others.

Get in Touch

If you share your seizure first aid training with others, we’d love to hear about it! Send an email to [email protected] to tell us how your event went, who you shared with, and what was learned. Better yet, post photos to your favorite social media channel and tag us using #sail4epilepsy and @sailforepilepsy.

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