Our Mission

Sailing the world to raise awareness for epilepsy.
Sail4Epilepsy’s goal is to sail the oceans of the world to: inspire patients; raise awareness for those with epilepsy; raise funds to support research into the causes of intractable epilepsy, and to educate the population about epilepsy.

Become a Sponsor

Sail4Epilepsy is seeking sponsors to support the Sail4Epilepsy program. A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available.

Meet Phil Haydon

When I was 15, I had a head injury that resulted in epilepsy. I have been lucky and am medically controlled. In 2021 I will begin a three year circumnavigation to raise funds for epilepsy research. One third of patients with epilepsy do not respond to current medications. As I sail the world I will also meet children and their families in ports to try to inspire them to overcome the adversity that they face. Together we can raise awareness and find cures.