At the onset of the Sail For Epilepsy program a proportion of all funds donated will immediately flow through to our partners. The balance will be used to support the Sail For Epilepsy program, including, for example, costs for satellite data transmission time (to upload videos while sailing offshore), docking costs, and boat upgrades for offshore sailing. At the end of the five year program all assets will be sold and all funds will be donated to our partners.

Sail For Epilepsy is proud to partner with Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) and the Epilepsy Foundation of New England thereby enhancing our goals of inspiring, educating and curing epilepsy.  By partnering with TUSM, funds from Sail For Epilepsy will support cutting edge research into causes of intractable epilepsy, including potential methods to treat epilepsy following a head injury. Read more about Tufts University, School of Medicine.

By partnering with the Epilepsy Foundation of New England, our goal is to help support their outreach to patients and families with epilepsy, as well as to contribute to their camps that allow patients to enter into programs (including sailing camp!) These programs resonate with our ambition of inspiring patients to take an extra step and to try to accomplish new goals. Read more about Epilepsy Foundation New England.

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