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10:50 GMT
Position: 39º 45.740′ N x 69º 25.084′ W
Course: 133° true
Speed: 7.4 kts

Phil Haydon at the foggy start of the Bermuda 1-2
Phil Haydon at the foggy start of the Bermuda 1-2

11:30 PM
Crossing the traffic separation zone. A couple of tankers but nothing significant. Have been sailing next to Young American for several hours. We are pushing one another. The fog is so dense I have only seen one boat with my eyes when Kent Racing sailed by me in the afternoon. Have managed one or two naps but not much will happen with sleep until I am off the continental shelf and there are fewer vessels. Time for a 10 minute nap now.

01:30 AM
Fog lifted. Beautiful starry night and am watching the Big Dipper. I need to look for Polaris and Cepheus.

02:00 AM
Well that was brief – dense fog has set in again.

04:40 AM
Sailing off continental shelf. There had been lots of fishing boats in vicinity, but now that the depth has increased, there are none. The water temp has already changed from 58°F to 65°F. Time for some sleep.

06:41 AM
Am in an eddie north of Gulf Stream. Water temp is up to 70°F, with 1 kt of current. Time for some energy (food) and then a sail change. Will try to get a little more sleep when that is done. It is beautiful here now.

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