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Porto, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal
Porto, Portugal
Connecting live while offshore

This past year, Sail For Epilepsy sailed over 5,200 nautical miles, held 12 in-person events in the United States, Portugal, and Morocco, and streamed  an additional 7 virtual events.

Our journey was recently featured on Chronicle 5 WCVB, a news magazine based in Boston. Our content shared on social media reached over 2 million people. But it was the one-on-one connections in port stops that made the sleepless nights at sea more than worth it. 
I’m proud of what our small team and dedicated hosts achieved in 2022. We will continue our efforts in 2023 with in-person events along the West Coast of the United States. And we have set the ambitious goal of sailing 2600 nautical miles over 26 voyage legs next year.
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Memorable Moments from 2022

Meeting families affected by epilepsy in Marrakech, Morocco
  • The young woman in Aveiro, Portugal who tearfully shared her feelings of isolation and frustration with the audience and received their support.
  • The teenager in Lisbon, Portugal who dreams of one day competing in the Olympics.
  • The neurology specialist in Marrakech, Morocco who realized she should focus more on telling her patients to consider what they CAN do, with appropriate safety measures, rather than what they can’t do.
  • The non-verbal boy in Almada, Portugal who was so proud of finally being able to tie a knot.
  • The high school students in Agadir, Morocco who enthusiastically brainstormed ways they could share their seizure first aid training with their community.
Presenting to medical residents in Morocco
Sunset during Atlantic Crossing Adventure
Educating high school students in Agadir, Morocco about epilepsy and seizure first aid.

Looking Ahead to 2023

In 2023 we will continue to inspire, raise awareness, and educate. We are in the planning stages of a series of in-person events along the west coast of the United States, starting this spring.

As you are aware, 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy in their lifetime. To further highlight the prevalence of epilepsy we have set the goal of sailing at least 2600 nautical miles in New England based races consisting of at least 26 independent legs. Follow our progress towards this objective on our website and social media channels.

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