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@ 10:41 GMT
Position: 33º 51.292′ N x 64º 50.445′ W
Course: 146° true
Speed: 2.8 kts

A beautiful line of clouds prior to sunset on June 7th.

One and seven – these are the times that I check weather files. Part of sailing a boat is to know what to expect in terms of weather. For me, and the other racers, we would like to know wind speed and direction. With the added knowledge of your particular boats properties, it’s then possible to calculate the best route to get to the destination in the shortest time. At 1am, 7am, 1pm and 7pm I download new files that are put together by NOAA. My day revolves around these times. I am writing at the moment with an eye on the time since the 7pm download is slightly ahead. 

It is likely that it will take until the morning of June 9th for me to get to Bermuda. Though the distance isn’t so long we have a very difficult low wind region to navigate through. This morning I had a period of an hour with no wind. So frustrating as I had worked hard all night to gain distance only to have it lost to the weather gods. As I look forward I have a tentative route but I will make a new route at 7pm to compare based on the latest weather models.

Phil aboard Cepheus stuck in an area of very low wind, north of Bermuda.

I have had a lot of sail changes since midnight. Sail changes at night are always interesting but at the moment there is no moon at night, she starts to rise at dawn. This makes the nights very dark. And of course, my headlamp kept turning off last night. I have a new one being delivered to me in Bermuda. But the upside is that the stars and the Milky Way are amazing.

During today I have seen wildlife unfamiliar to someone from Boston: flying fish and Portuguese man-of-war. No dolphin sightings yet. 

Sunset on June 7th – fingers crossed for a green flash next time.

Editors note: leave a comment to let us know where in the world you are following this journey from!

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