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@ 09:09 GMT
Position: 35º 11.415′ N x 65º 46.686′ W
Course: 142° true
Speed: 4.1 kts

Sailing solo one needs to take short naps instead of long periods of sleep, so that one can check on the boat and have a lookout for other vessels. We do have automated identification system (AIS) equipment which signals to other boats our identification, position, course and speed. But AIS doesn’t replace a lookout, constantly scanning the horizon for lights at night or peering through the fog for a shadow that could be another boat. Even with sleep training and careful monitoring, these short naps can begin to take their toll.

A tell tale sign of sleep deprivation is having hallucinations. I had my first yesterday. One was audio – I heard two people talking. Huh? Then as I closed my eyes to sleep I had the distinct visage of someone’s face but without discernible features. I thought I was awake, so I opened my eyes. The face was still there, very briefly. I then knew I needed to focus on as many naps as possible, to get caught up on sleep.

Freeze dried chicken and mashed potatoes

Overall the day was great. As I did one of my boat checks I paused to look at the endless sea around me – the sea is so blue once you are this far offshore! I had many good naps, lots of hydration and I began to feel hungry, something that had been missing so far in this voyage. In fact, freeze dried food looked appealing. For lunch I had chicken and mashed potatoes. It tasted really good. Then for dinner, Cuban coconut rice and black beans. Also nice. But I won’t become a freeze dried food lover.

The afternoon consisted of naps, tidying and preparing everything for the night so whenever I needed something I knew exactly where it was.

Tactically there is a headache ahead. The Bermuda high has materialized, meaning low wind. We all have software that can predict the fastest route, which is not necessarily a straight line. In the afternoon my software told me to take a long route to get there quicker. I checked again later and the suggested route is very different. I am going with my gut instinct on this one. Follow the tracker – short or long?

Graphic depicting the Bermuda high. Source

Through the night I put up the A0 headsail. This is for reaching up winds in light breeze. It worked wonders and for awhile this morning I was first in class. The Bermuda high has kicked in and I have 4 kits breeze at best. The key is to keep the boat moving. 

June 7th: Sunrise

4 thoughts on “Hallucinations

    1. Looks amazing your doing a fantastic job we’re all rooting for you here in Wales

  1. I don’t fancy the freeze dried food, we have pot noodles and cuppa soup as our emergency dinners on the boat. The wind looks very light, I hope it fills in soon for you!

  2. Hi Phil. Keep up the good work and hope the wind lifts for you. Stay safe. We are all keeping track on you here in Swindon U.K

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