Sunset, July 2nd

Time: 1400 GMT
Position: 39º 39.229 N x 70º 41.221 W
Course: 349° true
Boat Speed: 7.1kts
Wind Speed: 8kts

The chapter of today’s story is resilience. Last night we had between 2 and 4 knots of wind. And our goal was to keep the boat moving.

Never give in.

It would have been so easy to turn on the motor. But we never giving up. As Coop said to me this morning, “Hey, Phil! If we put the motor on, I Can and I Will would have to be taken off this boat immediately.”

We can, and we truly will. So we are overcoming, and we are going to make it all the way to the finish line.

And looking forward to getting into the dock and meeting our loved ones.

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