Time: 22:33 GMT
Position: 38º 52.299 N x  70º 09.029 W
Course: 309° true
Boat Speed: 4.7 kts

The last 36 hours have been quite trying. But we’re finally at a good end.

We had a cold front which pounded everybody. The seas were disorganized. We couldn’t point the boat where we wanted to go. Then we couldn’t find the northerly current of the Gulf Stream. It just wasn’t there.

So we had to pass through the southern stream. Oh, that was horrible. But now we are heading to Newport. The water temperature just declined. The current went from five plus, now down to about one and a half [indicating passing through the Gulf Stream].

Life is feeling good on the sailing vessel Fearless.

Sunset with about 150 nautical miles to go to cross the finish line

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