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Blue skies to start day two – with the breeze starting to fill in again.

@ 04:25 GMT
Position: 33º 21.349′ N x 65º 21.912′ W
Course: 320° true
Speed: 3.5 kts

The start of the race had nice wind, allowing full sails to be used. We timed our runs to the start line and with 1.5 min to go, we turned and raced to the line. We used just the mainsail until about 15secs before the start, then unfurled the jib and made it across first in our class.

The next 30mins to an hour were excellent and then we turned around the island and started our course towards our first waypoint (destination) which is the entry to the Gulf Stream some 400 nautical miles away. All was going well so we decided to get into our sleep routine at sea – it was Coop’s turn to take the first nap.

Ten minutes in I woke him as a squall was coming. We reefed the mainsail to prepare for the increase in wind. All went well and Coop went back to sleep. Soon I had to wake him again as a mean looking squall was arriving. It hit hard with torrential rain and winds to at least 35kts. We worked through methodically, with no panic, deciding to drop the main’sl, and came out the other end an hour or two later, although somewhat wet. I hadn’t time to put my foulies on when the squall arrived.

As I look into the boat now at midnight, it’s a collection of wet clothes that we hope we can dry tomorrow. We haven’t had any sun today and we can see the moon trying to peak through the clouds. Hopefully the clouds will lift and we will have a nice day. As I finish writing this blog the wind is 3-5kts and I am wearing dry clothes. Coop wakes soon and it will be my turn for a two hour sleep.

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