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Sunset with Dauntless on the horizon

@ 02:30 GMT
Position: 34º 12.910 N x 66º 22.239 W
Course: 356° true
Speed: 3.8 kts

This afternoon I was standing in the companionway looking across the Atlantic mesmerized. Then I realized I was supposed to be getting Coop some water. I apologized and told him I was just caught in the moment. He said “that’s why we do it and for the sailing tales”.

Now it’s 2230 and I am counting the minutes until it’s my 2 hrs off watch and reflecting on the key ingredients of being at sea. It’s exciting, exhilarating, sometimes scary, hard work, amazing. We get to see incredible things. Tonight there is moon and some stars but the moon lights the sky and you can still see the puffy clouds that built during the day. In contrast, last week during the sail to Bermuda there was no night time moon. You could see every star and planet and planets even lit the sea.

I have seen dolphins, flying fish, men of war (jelly fish). But as beautiful as it can be the ocean has an ugly side. Last night a quick squall came through and winds gusted and we needed to shorten sails quickly. Coop is a great person to have on board, incredible knowledge, a great teacher, and a superb sailor. We had a shackle break and the foot of the sail came loose. Coop almost ran to fix the problem.

As I type my left shoulder is sore, my back needs a bed one day, and my legs are bruised. But being out here is amazing. It must be a combination of the unknown, some danger, but also independence. We are charting our own course from Bermuda to Newport. We download weather models and try to make the best decisions for the fastest passage. One has to do everything. No assistance, we are here to enjoy the days and nights but also to make sure we are safe.

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