Phil Haydon and co-captain Mike DiMella raced in the annual Ida Lewis Overnight race on the weekend of August 16th. They sailed on Phil’s race boat, Cepheus, in the doublehanded race. Because the winds were relatively light a short 110nm course was sailed from Newport harbor, to Buzzards Bay Light (near the entrance to Buzzards Bay). The course then headed west to a government buoy between Long island and Block island. Subsequently the course retraced the steps back to Newport with the finish line being within Newport harbor. Phil and Mike won the doublehanded race, an incredible achievement, especially given the caliber of the racers including the recent winner of the Marblehead to Halifax, Nova Scotia race.

The race, which started on Friday at 12:35pm made it to the halfway point at about 9:30pm at which point the winds died for a few hours. Here many of the boats were drifting in the strong currents between Long island and Block island. With the little wind there was, Phil and Mike managed to make slow head way and, when the wind lifted, they had positioned themselves in a strong position. By the time they arrived back at Newport at 11:40am on Saturday they had taken first place.

In all of these overnight races Phil takes sleep deprivation very seriously, since this is a potential trigger for seizures. He manages fatigue with timed naps and he and Mike were able to set an effective rotation through the night so that by the time they finished they were still refreshed.

Phil said:

“This is a special race with great competitors and we were thrilled to have Sail For Epilepsy compete and to be able to take first place”.

-Phil Haydon

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