Our hosts for the presentation at Peter’s Cafe Sport

On a foggy afternoon in the Azores, Sail For Epilepsy was hosted at Peter’s Cafe Sport by Rotary Club da Horta and Clube Naval de Horta for a presentation about our mission, Phil’s journey with epilepsy, the sail across the Atlantic Ocean, some basic information about epilepsy and how to help someone who is having a seizure. Prior to the presentation, Phil was interviewed by RTP Azores, the local news network and we are grateful for the opportunity for our message to reach a broader audience than those who were able to join us in person.

Click here to watch the full presentation.

Before and after he spoke, Phil was able to connect with members of the local community, to chat about the voyage, as well as the connections that they had with epilepsy. We were pleased to welcome a new Virtual Shipmate to our crew, who decided to take the One More Step Challenge, to live a fuller life. Sail For Epilepsy distributed cards in both English and Portuguese describing Seizure First Aid and providing general information about epilepsy.

Our thanks goes out to our hosts for this special event, especially to Paulo, the president of Rotary Club da Horta and to Joao with Peter’s Cafe Sport.

1 thought on “Raising Awareness in Horta, Faial (Portugal)

  1. It is efforts and challenges like this that makes us all aware of just how important it is to break the stigma. Phil make friends and implements his plan to help educate. That, I believe can help break the STIGMA.

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