Phil and co-skipper Joe Cooper after the finish of the Bermuda Short-Handed Return race

At 0535am ET this morning, Fearless crossed the finish line of the Bermuda Short-Handed Return! Phil and co-skipper Coop sailed 747 nautical miles in a corrected time of 4 days, 12 hours, 2 minutes and 47 seconds, for a 6th place finish in their class and 9th overall.

This concludes an incredible 3 weeks of racing, of engagement with the sailing and epilepsy communities, and proof that, with the right safety measures, a disability won’t prevent you from pursuing a fuller life..

Our thanks to everyone who followed the voyage, who commented, liked, and shared our posts. You have helped us raise awareness about epilepsy. We are also grateful to our Virtual Shipmates for their bravery in choosing to joining us on this adventure. Your “I Can and I Will” attitude is an inspiration to all of us at Sail For Epilepsy.

Phil and Coop have cleared through customs and immigration and will be getting some much deserved rest. In the coming days we’ll post further reflections on the impact of the past few weeks and give some updates on what’s next!

1 thought on “Living a Fuller Life

  1. I don’t find my Epilepsy I disability only an annoyance. I did not take no for an answer became a Gemologist worked a Sammartino’s House of Diamonds also a Goldsmith. Motorcycle racer too. No is never an option. Thank you Phil and everyone for Saill for Epilepsy. One more step we can do it . I did so can others!@

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